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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
I'd say that Moreno has established himself as such a RB, but like most RBs that comes with a mix of 0-2 yard gains paired up with a mix of 5-8 yard gains. What he needs to do is show a way in which he can break off a 20+ yard play with some regularity (by that I mean about once a week). One big play he can give this team to help win on top of his yeoman's effort the rest of the game. That is what we need him to deliver, a little extra spark. McGahee had that, he could be mired in a 15 carry, 50 yard game with no real good runs all day and suddenly bull rush his way to a 25 yard run for a critical first down. We need Moreno to show that.

It doesn't need to be a run, it can come on a pass too, where he's historically most effective. That is what he needs to start showing though for this offense to really take the next step. Him (or Hillman) becoming another weapon Manning can get a big play or two out of week to week.
Good analysis. You're right. For this Offense to take the next step, they need more production from the RB position. A big play threat, would eliminate opposing Defenses ability to only play 6 in the box (like the Chiefs did). The RB swing pass may become crucial for success if Defenses are able to throttle the Broncos rushing Offense.

Manning had to be shaking his head after Lance Ball pin-balled backwards, forcing Manning to complete a backwards pass 8 yards behind the LOS.

Both Moreno and Hillman have so little wear on them this year, that they should be able to finish the season running with authority and confidence.
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