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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
The Raiders aren't a good rushing team, I agree, but what Martin did to them is an extreme outlier and it's a divisional rivalry game. The Raiders, Chargers, and Chiefs just watched us clinch our division earlier than any of them have in YEARS. They'll be fired up and looking to make a statement against us. I don't expect us to run a train on their defense, they'll show up with a whole lot of fight in them.

What I'd like to see is a solid 4+ YPC and just a glimpse of bigger plays to come, running or passing. A 20 yard run off tackle here, a 25 yard screen pass there, just signs that Moreno will be something more than the steady ~4 yards per carry, ~6.5 yards per catch guy we know he already is.
I agree that none of the remaining games are going to be easy. And I agree that both Moreno and Hillman need to establish themselves as 4.0 ypc RB's consistently. Hopefully both Moreno and Hillman can hit their stride in these 4 remaining games against bottom third run Defenses, so we can get some momentum rushing the ball going into the playoffs. These OL need all the run blocking work they can get. The situation couldn't be better.

Decker and Dreesen also need to establish themselves as more reliable targets/blockers.

I like where the Defense is headed. They are eliminating weaknesses. The more they play together the better they get.
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