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Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
I can't be the only one who has absolutely no problem with this. It very nearly worked against the Giants and it gives them at least a shot to win the game. It ain't over until the clock hits zero after all. I never understood why you just have to accept the outcome when the other team takes a knee.
Wrong - it did NOT nearly work against the Giants. Who cares if the QB falls down because of the surge. The center to QB snap is over with in less then a second. The defense has absolutely NO chance at causing a fumble, especially if you make it a weekly thing and teams know that you're going to try that crap. The QB has the ball securely in in hand before the defense even reacts to the snap. There is a reason why why it has become normal in the NFL for the kneel down and the defense respecting it. The ONLY thing that will happen is injuries. I seriously hope the lose somebody to an injury while doing this and then maybe that lame ass HC will learn something about the NFL.
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