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I have no problem with it. There is nothing wrong there and it is no more gimmicky or worse then when a team does a random onside kick- aka saints superbowl....yeah. Same thing.

I am sure that if we were in the playoffs against he pats that you guys would not mind us trying it and getting the ball and tying the game or winning. Like everyone has said before, you play til the whistle. Well guess what, you play til the clock strikes 0:00.

Did you see how careful manning had to be to do this? Nerves easily could have had him drop the ball or miss the snap. Plus, in college this has worked a few times. This is a mans sport and top of the line, if you want to win easy watch a different sport. As for me, there is nothing wrong with it.

I would agree it would be nice to see us send a TE or WR out and let them burn those chumps for an easy score to rub it in, but from their side of things I completely get it.
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