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Originally Posted by jmz313 View Post
Fox is a conservative head coach. You probably heard on the broadcast that he told whoever "I don't need a franchise QB to win". I don't agree with that, and i'm sure most wouldn't since Fox has zero SB rings (as HC at least). he also doesn't have an Andy Reid type reg season record to fall back on.

So Far with Peyton manning at QB and the quality of the D this season, These decisions (even in the almost came back loses) have proven to be smart. I just hope the team responds when we might need to make the big plays in the future.

I would like to see us bury a team for a complete 60 minutes though.
I stopped watching, when it was 31-13. I couldn't believe that we let them get that close. You're right. We need to play our best, for 60 minutes...
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