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Originally Posted by Doggcow View Post
If we can stop the run, the pats don't have receivers that can beat us.

Our Corners are playing out of their minds. I'm only worried about Hernandez, but we could throw Champ on him, Carter on Lloyd, Harris on Welker, and Porter on Edelman.
IF that about sums it up.

Just which HOF QB have we shut down with our out of their minds CBs.

When I see us shuting down Brady and company then I will believe it, till then I worry about it.

You seem to forget our OL is getting eaten alive by DT and NTs. Koppen has looked like a revoving door and Kuper does not seem much better. Clady and Franklin about the same.

NE has a great NT in wilfork and they have really upgraded their CBs this year.

They are going to be a force in the playoffs and IMHO our only chance of beating them is a home game at mile high IF manning can train his fans when to be quiet and when to be loud.

IMHO we are a few players away from greatness. Which means we have to get lucky until we get them.
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