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Pat Bowlen

Low and behold the Steelers are alive and the Ravens are faltering. Here's their schedule

@ Washington - a dangerous game.
Vs. Denver - Probably the worst on their schedule.
Vs. NY Giants - The G-men play very well in December and will bring it.
@ Cincy - I want nothing to do with Cincy right now. They are really starting to play some bad ass football.

The Steelers schedule:
Vs. Chargers - They probably won't even need Ben.
@ Cowboys - The Cowboys suck.
Vs. Bengals - Tough game but they get them at home and Ben will probably be back.
Vs. Browns - Another tough game but at home and they usually win.

Honestly The division is there for the Bengals or Steelers to take. I would love to see the Steelers back here in January too. The Ravens could not just lose the seed, they could lose the division.
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