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Godwin Turk

Great to have player on O (Manning), D (Miller) and ST (Holliday) that keep opposing coordinators from getting any sleep at all during game week.

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Add the following to Von's resume!

INT returned for TD!

Today Von had a Sack, FF, INT, TD, Pass defensed.

Tillman had one FF today but got burned in coverage for a TD, he is out of the running, Smith and Watt don't have an INT, they don't have a score, Watt has only 1 FF and Smith only 3, Von has more Run stuffs than Smith or Watt and his Stuffed yards lost total is more than the other 2 combined.

Miller is in a class of his own. Sadly the east coast writers will be too lazy to watch the Bronco games or Von's Highlights and just look at the sack column and give it out based on sack totals rather than if the player is a complete package.
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