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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
That idea is grating me terribly right now. Louisville is the same kind of situation. As soon as Strong started turning the program around, I commented to my wife that it doesn't mean anything because the better he does, the faster he moves on to a better program. Then they have to start over from scratch.

I just rooted for Michigan as a kid and they never had that problem so until I went to college, I didn't realize the issue that it is. Now I've been following Louisville for a few years and the whole thing is infuriating. The only bit of happiness I could take from it all was seeing Petrino's whole life fall apart. I take it as karma for leaving Louisville...
a lot of that though, has to do with schools not willing to pay top dollar to keep coaches and not building facilities to compete with top tier schools.
now your Louisville,Boise St,Vandy,Arkansas programs are building new facilities, paying their coaches, increasing the assistant coaching pool and trying to tie themselves to the coach to breed loyalty.
look at Vandy, James Franklin rebuffed a 5 mil per year offer from Arkansas due to the athletic director promising new facilities, upgrades, increasing the money for Franklin and his assistants via raises and fully committing to winning.

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