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Originally Posted by Bruce Hermansen Fan View Post
**** college football. It gets worse every year. They sold the rivalries for $. Most of the teams are scared to play anybody outside of conference play. And now we have perhaps the least exciting slate of New Years Day bowl games I can remember. Sure Alabama vs. Notre Dame will be fun, but we would have had that matchup under the old system anyway.

NFL is a far superior product and that's why this year I feel like I didn't miss out on much despite watching the least amount of college football in at least 10 years.
For quite some time, I've wondered if there should be a system like in English soccer. The top 25 at the end of the year schedule against the other top 25 schools for half their schedule or something in the next season. They could still have half their schedule for cupcakes or conference games but it'd really help get matchups that would draw good TV ratings while also letting the teams truly slot themselves and take away the speculation.

The only major issue is that non-top 25 teams wouldn't be able to go too high in their first year but I don't think having two good seasons in succession should be too much to ask of a team that wants to be in contention for a national championship.

Right now there's just too much speculation necessary.
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