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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Number should be 40. I will take Arizona in the mix for Super Bowls. Denver should not be hosting a game. No cold cities should do so, dome or outside stadium. There is days of activities to do and no one wants a rehash of Atlanta a few years back.
What some are forgetting is it is not just the game but all the other things that take place. All the street activities, as well as things in the parking lots.

It Is not about two teams but about the overall NFL.

If Denver's stadium was like a lot of others, in a downtown area opposed to across the freeway so folks staying at the downtown hotels can walk to the game or activities it would be another story. Or be a mega facility like the house that Jones built I think they would have a shot at it.

Small market city, outdoor field, the odds it would be very cold.

IMO not happening.
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