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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
But it could sure help the fanbase as a whole. Those who want Tebow to play because they're Tebow fans can eventually wear and convince the rest of the fanbase to the point that major fractures occur. Everyone being able to unite behind a competent QB can isolate those that just want to root for their favorite player but refuse to admit it.
None of that gets touchdowns , it just proves any fan that worries about that type of drama and not wins are morons...

Hell in that scenario I would think both sides in that argument are morons.

The ones that love Tebow blindly and don't see his shortcomings.
And the one that let the Tebow loves convince them of anything other then their own beliefs.

And a fan base does 0 to help a team win really. But I'm over thinking/caring about this maybe heheh .
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