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Originally Posted by TDmvp View Post
Like that matters in the grand scheme of things.
Being a fan isn't like a contest or anything. Cause if it was the Bengals would be the L.A. Bengals cause their fans are stupid. And just cause someone like Teobw isn't a bad thing. Kid is a good guy , and if used the right way could be ok , but he's never going to be a conventional QB.

But the Jets are just a total mess... The second I type that the JEts fumble O .

Go figure.
But it could sure help the fanbase as a whole. Those who want Tebow to play because they're Tebow fans can eventually wear and convince the rest of the fanbase to the point that major fractures occur. Everyone being able to unite behind a competent QB can isolate those that just want to root for their favorite player but refuse to admit it.
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