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Rahim Moore

Originally Posted by Bruce Hermansen Fan View Post
What is it going to take for Nebraska to can Pelini's ass? His offense doesn't cut it in today's college football world.
? Their offense hasn't been the problem this year. Taylor occasionally has games with a couple bad INTs, but he's also almost solely responsible for half their wins this year. They should be dangerous again on offense next year, with a senior QB, and a deep group of RBs. The zone read offense they run along with a large group of other looks is actually pretty up to date with the rest of college ball.

What is dispiriting is how spectacular the defense was under him his first two years, and how the last two years have seen it fall off a cliff. Which would point obviously to a dip in talent.

What does it take for him to get fired? I think fans are increasingly realistic about Nebraska's place in college football. They aren't Florida or Ohio St; they won't compete for national titles year in and year out, will have a recruiting disadvantage. But in the Big Ten they should still compete to go to the Rose Bowl every few years. And Bo has basically kept them at that level.

The big strike is a game like this or the Ohio St one earlier, where they get leveled by any half-decent offense. I remember when he was first hired and they were not winning every game, but hanging with teams that had blown them out previous years, thinking "at least there won't be embarrassing 40+ point losses with this guy in charge of the D." And that just isn't true anymore.
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