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I think I see what you mean. It's as tho people love when other people act like a-holes just so they can be holy rollers about people acting like a-holes. I would prefer there to be no a-holes, even if that means sacrificing my self-congratulations for not acting like an a-hole. But that would also mean I don't go around looking for a-holeness in every situation I come across, especially in a medium as silly as the Mane. I'm sure many are emotionally shaken on some level. I know I am after seeing the picture of that pretty lady proudly holding her baby girl. But I don't presume everyone feels the same way I do, or grieves the same way I do, and I don't wanna exploit emotions to score feel-good points. It's sad, and someone posting disrespectful stuff online doesn't change it.

a-hole. Had to say it one last time.
I can see slapping the people who pretend like this incident will truly make a difference in their week (or lives)

But I guess I come from the old school though and draw the line in front of joking or mocking during such an unfortunate tragedy. If some calls someone a dick for that sort of behavior its probably because its true. Simple call it like you see it. Doesn't mean the incident itself wrecked their Christmas or anything.
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