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I disagree that it can't be done. Most teams are not in the postion to do so.

But once you have a good to great base of players and have few if any holes then you can go after best player. Mikey did it with Wilson and Pryce they did not have a big hole at either spot but had the ability to take seen that could push for a starting spot.

We are almost at that point where it can be done. Do we have weak spots sure but few players taken late in the draft are going to be able to start year one.

I think John has done a terrific job in plugging holes the past two years. Now it looks like MLB and maybe DT need help and after that loads of backup spots to be filled.
I am in partial agreement that BPA picks do happen, I said throughout a teams entire draft it does not happen, and usually even though you suspect it wasn't a position of need, their is long term reasoning for selecting such player. Not to mention every team has their own perception and ranking of a player so how do we even judge on BPA..? What McShay and Kiper say are BPA? I'm just curious what the standard for BPA is?

I really really enjoy the draft, follow so many players coming out, and every year I see team after team take BPA at the position in which they have a need. Sure in the first few rounds teams may truly take the BPA because he fell to their waiting pick cause teams draft for need. But I don't think I have ever seen a team draft BPA throughout the entire draft.

I also agree that MLB, DT, RB..? are areas of need. Another WR, CB, S, and OL depth couldn't hurt. So if three of the picks go to areas of need we aren't following BPA. But there are loads of quality defensive players in this draft, and I would suspect the 2014 draft will resemble more of BPA and that's because their shouldn't be any gapping holes, and selected players should address depth and competition at such position, which I think is a more accurate gage of selecting BPA... But I still think ultimately a BPA draft is a perfect storm. A team needs lots of young quality players, which eliminates many variables, player age, contract, scheme fit, performance, and so on. And frankly a good GM is always thinking about those things or he wouldn't be a good GM.. Which is why I think an entire draft taking BPA is a myth..
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