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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Being a Nebraska fan, i knew it was over when Martinez threw the pick 6 to go down 14-0. It's funny, i was thinking that after Wisconsin drove right down the field on their opening drive and scored that Nebraska would end up turning the ball over. I wasn't mad or anything. This is how its been since Pelini took over. Nebraska in big games = Nebraska FAIL! I wouldn't be shocked if they lose their bowl game to top it all off. The D is the worst i've seen.
It's not even that the D was so bad that hurts me, it's the fact that every trick play/non traditional formation on both sides of the ball looked like something they had never seen before. I imagine the caveman discovering fire or Poland to start WWII as the only other things as ill prepared as this Husker team.

I was all ready to be happy with Bo too. Leading up to this game I heard some crazy good facts about his record that put him in elite group of coaches. All seem to be built as strong as a card house now.
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