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To be honest, I know this is one of those situations where I'll start being a dick just to push back against people trying to claim that they're sincerely touched by the situation so I know I have to tread carefully to avoid going too far (not necessarily in terms of being banned but in terms of just being sensible and objective).

That all said, I particularly think people are just too reactive and wanting to cast other people as the insensitive, "classless", jerk when these football players die and people make general comments. Nobody here probably even knew the guys name before this incident, how damning could their statements really be? From the three bannings I saw, I saw 2 people going out of their way to make a shock statement (basically trolling), and one person making jokes. Then you had like 97 people coming in acting like it was the next 9/11.

9/11 shook me to my core. This incident slightly affected me more than realizing a few minutes ago that I downloaded the wrong episode of a show I wanted to watch. In today's world, there's just too many instances of this or much worse. Hell, we follow things like the Casey Anthony trial just for entertainment's sake. I have no evidence to say anyone's faking their concern here and, truly, I have no incentive to - but for the sake of arguing, I'm sticking to my opinion that I don't believe anyone really gave a damn aside from the love of drama.
I think I see what you mean. It's as tho people love when other people act like a-holes just so they can be holy rollers about people acting like a-holes. I would prefer there to be no a-holes, even if that means sacrificing my self-congratulations for not acting like an a-hole. But that would also mean I don't go around looking for a-holeness in every situation I come across, especially in a medium as silly as the Mane. I'm sure many are emotionally shaken on some level. I know I am after seeing the picture of that pretty lady proudly holding her baby girl. But I don't presume everyone feels the same way I do, or grieves the same way I do, and I don't wanna exploit emotions to score feel-good points. It's sad, and someone posting disrespectful stuff online doesn't change it.

a-hole. Had to say it one last time.
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