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If you seriously mourn the death of every good-hearted person who dies too young, you'd never have time for anything else. Nobody is really all that torn up.
Who is man to say when death should occur? I'm born for reasons I ultimately don't understand, and I die for reasons I ultimately don't understand. Innumerable dynamics throughout the cosmos are at work that could end me in a moment--superficially, it could appear to an observer to be an elephant stampede, a poisonous chicken-wing, or a chemical imbalance in some individual's brain that does me in. Is it all simple chance? Well then what's the point in fretting about it? My life is a roulette game. Is it ordained? Again, what's the point in fretting about it? There would be forces beyond my grasp that make it all coherent in the end. All attempts at grief and justice are made on shaky grounds, but they're the best we've got. People recognize that on different levels, and the manifestation of that recognition can look like a lot of things, including ill-timed humor on a message board. Maybe it's a way to deal with their perceived senseless nature of everything.

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