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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Plus there will be a new AD in next year who didn't hire him in the first place. Still, I think he's got a fair amount of rope left—after the disaster that followed canning Solich after a 9 win season they should be trigger shy. Nebraska has an easy schedule next year (no Ohio St or Wisconsin)—so if they aren't back in the title game with a chance to redeem themselves next year, I think the following year (2014) could be a true hot seat season for Bo. His recruiting on defense looks pretty bad, they lost the speed battles all year, especially at LB.
Outside of getting LeVante David, Bo has done nothing to build this defense. It became painfully obvious two years ago when there was no depth at CB behind Prince, and Denard. The situation got even worse when Prince graduated, and Nebraska spent the entire season trying to fill his void. This season has been a disaster! Nebraskas front four is small and slow, in what world does small and slow work? The good news for NU is they get another year of Martinez, and they have a stable of running backs to keep the ground game working for the next half decade. Defensively they are a complete mess. PSU, and UoM are sure loses next season, and even if they upset one of the two they will have to face OSU in the championship game.
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