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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Rocket 7 View Post

Rick Majerus passed away.

When Rick Majerus decided to take a leave of absence for health reasons, the news was concerning.

When he announced he wasnít coming back to the Billikens at all, it was alarming.

Now the true extent of Majerusí health issues has become known. Multiple sources, including Majerusí protege and current Loyola (Chicago) head coach Porter Moser, have confirmed that Majerus passed away today at the age of 64.
Wow, just saw this. Not terribly surprising with his health issues but a sad sad thing. He meant a lot here in Utah. He did the same thing in Utah, taking a leave of absence and not coming back but we were all glad when he began coaching again. He was a great coach here, took the Utes to the championship game in March madness and just a character overall. Thanks Rick and RIP.
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