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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
There is no such thing as drafting BPA throughout a draft... It's a myth, teams take BPA AT POSITION OF NEED. Nobody and I mean nobody takes BPA throughout the draft. There's always picks allocated for need taking their perceived BPA.

If free agency is used to address need then you can somewhat take BPA. But even then your thinking about contracts, player age, performance, scheme fit, and so many other things.. Where ur taking BPA but again it's based on need, just future and not immediate.
I disagree that it can't be done. Most teams are not in the postion to do so.

But once you have a good to great base of players and have few if any holes then you can go after best player. Mikey did it with Wilson and Pryce they did not have a big hole at either spot but had the ability to take seen that could push for a starting spot.

We are almost at that point where it can be done. Do we have weak spots sure but few players taken late in the draft are going to be able to start year one.

I think John has done a terrific job in plugging holes the past two years. Now it looks like MLB and maybe DT need help and after that loads of backup spots to be filled.
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