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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
It sucks when things like this happen. It highlights the realities that we all get pretty obsessive over a game. What makes it so difficult, is it's not like you can cast the guy like a fallen hero (start the game with 10 on defense) or something like that. The guy was a murderer. Honestly, I'm not sure how you'd handle something like this. Not exactly in the PR handbook, or even in the Life handbook, if there is such a thing.

I hate the Chiefs franchise from a rooting standpoint, but I'd never wish this on anybody or any franchise. Reports are saying that Pioli is really torn up about this. Regardless of what Chief fans think about the job he's done, hopefully, people will root for the team to win this game and let the chips fall where they may.
At this point, with regard to JB, we're all questioning why, but not much past that. Our hearts are broken for the baby who's left behind, the mother who was in the house at the time and the people who had to see it (and we've been VERY critical of them before this). As for JB, we're mostly mad. Whatever we are in KC, we're not OK with a coward, and what he did is cowardly at best. He's very selfish, and he had many other choices.. So not much sympathy for JB, but plenty for the others around him.

And you're right, these are the tings that highlight how much we put on a game. I wish there were other ways to allow us to reflect on life outside of church and regular prayer.

I coach football, baseball and wrestling, and I see, especially in wrestling, a pressure put on young people that's almost unbearable for them. And I always ask the parents (who apply much of the pressure) and the kids to reflect on what's more important than "this" (whatever sport it is). I wonder if JB had enough of those talks? Perspective is everything! I recall having one of my wrestlers lose at State as he broke his arm, and him just saying he wanted to die. It was a "WOW" moment for me. He was good, very well could have won that match and been on the top of the podium, but it didn't happen.

So I'll ask all of us to reflect on what's most important, and it's not our rivalry. Think of family, the men and women serving, and those caring for those who serve...
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