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Originally Posted by NFLBRONCO View Post
With FA you should draft BPA imo
IMO BPA is almost the best your can go for IF your team is not riddled with loads of holes.

If you are drafting 1-10 you take best guy at a position of need IF there is one worthy of it in that area.

You don not IMO spend a top ten pick on a safety, RB, TE or OL. While positions of importance there are usually other players after ten worth those picks.

If you look at NE in particular they find loads of quality talent in rounds 2-3. Maybe not all pro types but real close, and if your loaded with almost all pros you go farther than a super stud and three other ok guys.. You are much more consistent long term and frankly can afford to keep most if not all of them down the road.

You do not take a RG3 or Luck if you have Manning in his prime, just because they are BPA. You go for good quality at another spot that you may need help.

One thing we have never really done in DEN was dedicate a top pick every second or third year to replenishing LOS players. If you have good to great players there almost everyone behind them are better.
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