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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
Really don't see the purpose of forcing two terrible teams to play a game immediately after this type of tragedy. Again, we're not talking the AFC championship here. Realistically, how many people are going to be at Arrowhead for this game? 45K? There's a certain amount of humanity in the workplace that should trump short term profit. I can't think of any profession that wouldn't allow for the grieving process.
It would impact the draft more than anything.

The only time I saw games not being played were natural disasters and after September 11'th. We were to go to the Denver vs Colts game and had to reschedule the whole trip until later in the year.

It is more important for Carolina and the teams that would impact Carolina's draft order more than for kc.

There will be guys that want to play and guys that don't I think the best thing would be a makeup game on Wildcard week and just play it for draft status. They wouldn't have to televise it outside of the 2 markets or show it on the current network as an early game on Saturdays when they usually don't start until 2pm Central.
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