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Watermock - RIP

Originally Posted by Quoydogs View Post
I consider myself to be a pretty heartless person. When I first started working in mechanics I witnessed a guy buffing a tire and the tire blew up and pretty much showered his brains all over the shop and everyone of us in it. I couldn't go to work for a few day after because I would literately get sick to my stomach. 20+ years later I can still get fiscally sick if I think about it too much. So to say Romeo is strong enough to just suck it up it false . I've been there, as strong as I am it folded me and still does to this day. When you know someone personally and something like that happens to them it a life changing ordeal. I don't care how strong you are.
I agree, I didn't actually witness someone die next to me. But I have been on scene for a few fatal airplane crashes. Every detail of the scene is as vivid today as when it happened. All it taes is having something trigger the memory. It didn't impact me psychologically in that it folds me because there was no relationship personally for me. However, the fact that I recall it so clearly still makes me think it has to be so much more worse when it is someone you know and spend countless hours around day in and day out.

The fact that they were talking to him and trying to calm him down and weren't able to do anything, must be that much harder. I can totally understand why people would not want the game played.

I can also understand the NFL's position. There isn't any procedure that exists that would give the right solution. That said, if the game were to go on and Romeo Crennel, Scott Pioli, or any other player said I can't go. I wouldn't blame them.
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