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Really don't see the purpose of forcing two terrible teams to play a game immediately after this type of tragedy. Again, we're not talking the AFC championship here. Realistically, how many people are going to be at Arrowhead for this game? 45K? There's a certain amount of humanity in the workplace that should trump short term profit. I can't think of any profession that wouldn't allow for the grieving process.
I see what you're saying, but grief is a very private thing, and I know in my experience that the world normally operating independently of my grief has snapped me out of it. The world would stop spinning if we grieved every calamity that happened. A murderous suicide happened to be a football player, and that's the only reason we're having this convo right meow. These types of things occur every day.

Again, I dunno what should be done, I'm but a lowly Maner, but it seems equally senseless for this ruffian to have any outsized, negative effect on people's lives, especially since that's probably what he most wanted anyway.

Add in all the logistical nightmares, and I don't think it heartless of the commish to at least keep the ball in motion for tomorrow.
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