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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
It's hard to believe we have members of this board wishing ill will on Moreno and his renewed efforts. He is now a key player on this offense and an important component of our playoff run.

Go Knowshon, take advantage of the opportunity, and hopefully you've got it figured out this time!
I agree other than his custom license plates, I do not think he has done anything but TRY to be a good player for his team.

From what I have heard seems to have the players behind him

Now we have "FANS" that wish him ill, for various reasons probably the biggest was Josh took him in the draft instead of their favs.

Amost every thing else is derived from that had he been taken later in the draft 98% of his detractors would be lots more tolerant.

But they expect all top picks to be all pros. How short their memories are if that is the case, they seem to have given mikey a pass on all of his total FUBARs on day one and two.

I wish him the best and hope that he can be a bigger part of the offense.

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