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Originally Posted by BowlenBall View Post
Chicago population: 9,461,000
Denver population: 619,968

Denver has historically had a rough time of it with pro bowls and the hall of fame, mostly because the smaller population base means we're on TV a whole lot less, particularly on the East coast.

For example, which player is in the Hall of Fame?

Lynn Swann: 336 receptions, 5462 yards, 51 touchdowns, 3 pro bowls
Rod Smith: 849 receptions, 11389 yards, 68 touchdowns, 3 pro bowls

Rod Smith had to more than double Lynn Swann's production to make the same number of pro bowls, and after they retired, Swann gets inducted while Rod Smith doesn't even make the semi-final cut.

Had Rod Smith, Randy Gradishar, Steve Atwater, or Karl Mecklenberg played for the NY Giants (for example), they'd all be in the HOF right now.
I agree with your overall point, but whenever people use the population of Denver they always misrepresent the real population of the area. The city limits of Denver are extremely small compared to many large cities. The metro area as a whole is closer to 3 million people.
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