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Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post
Not even an issue here, Jovan was a young player and a current depth chart starter to boot. Feel its safe to say, even at this very early stage of what is known that concussions had little to nothing to do with this one.

Really sucks in any event, and that he did it on a Saturday before a game really puts their defense in a tough situation tomorrow. Emotions will be running very low, no doubt, and little time to even game plan a little around his backup Brandon Silar starting ... assuming the suicide really if Jovan Belcher as early speculation seems to indicate?

Sounds like maybe some lovers quarrel murder/suicide ....Alas, a tragically permanent solution to a very transitory problem.
Unfortunately as we are discovering with young soldiers and marines, age is not a factor. Repeated brain trauma can lead to some very bad things if not treated correctly or recognized early enough. This is sad story especial when you consider the innocent lives affected by this event.
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