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This is bizarre and awful. The NFL is in a horrible spot now. There are only 16 games per year. Luckily for them, this one may be easy to cancel for two reasons:

1. The game is in KC. If it were in Carolina, their fans may cause more of a fuss over a missed game. KC's fans are in a way connected to the tragedy. I remember how i felt waking up and reading about Darrent Williams on the ESPN bottom line that morning. Like a huge punch to the gut.

2. Both teams are out of playoff contention. A cancelled game would have no implication on anything important, really, outside of fantasy stats.

With all the criticism that the NFL has taken lately, Goodell specifically, this is their big chance to do something that reflects well on them. It's a homerun, with no downside other than missed revenue and Charles' loss of fantasy points, which is hardly something to bend to. If they had the game, i doubt he would play anyway.

There is only one reason for them not to cancel this game, and that is money.

Do the right thing, Roger.
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