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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
It doesnt mater what era, Lynn Swan should not be in the HoF.

You can argue however you want for Rod Smith but Swan should not be in the HoF. The only reason he is was because he was the best receiver on a 4 time winning SB team that ironically, won superbowls due to defense and the run game.
I disagree.

The steelers of the 70's were more than just defense and the run game...they had a huge big play factor of going down the field to Stallworth and Swann.

Swann is in the HOF....for the exact same reason that Sayers is in the HOF.

At the time they were playing........they were so freakishly better than anyone else at their perspective positions.......there was no denying their talent. Stats were secondary when it came to guys like that.

Just listen to the guys who played against them....Sayers glided like he wasn't even running...he was so swift and slippery it was like poetry in motion. Same goes for Swann...he was truly a balerina on the football field...making some of the most out of this world catches....stuff that just hadn't been seen at the time. They are both in the HOF because of their impact on their generation of football. That's why it's difficult to compare players over generations.
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