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Malik Jackson

Players You Need to Know This Weekend

Tampa Bay cornerbacks E.J. Biggers (No. 31) and Leonard Johnson (No. 29). Nice, easy Sunday ahead for these fellows, walking into Denver to face a red-hot Peyton Manning. It shouldn't have been this way, of course. The starting Bucs corners in this playoff-preparedness test should have been Aqib Talib and Eric Wright, but their PED usage led to Talib being traded and Wright being benched. So it's Biggers, a seventh-rounder from Western Michigan in 2009, and Johnson, an undrafted rookie from Iowa State, in the most important game of the year for the Bucs, who are in a six-team race for the last NFC playoff spot.

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3. Something's got to give in Denver. The Bucs average 32.6 points a game in their last six, Denver 30.5. Love this game.

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