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Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
OK he "stepped up his game" for KM that means he didnt fumble(thats important) and he rushed for a whopping-very average 85 yards. the fact that we have to celebrate that isnt a good thing. his career is on the the line and he Still hasnt broken a long run in four years. and you can see that he's just bursting at the seams to celebrate every first down like his touchdowns in That &^$%* historic loss to the raiders.
And Thats where i really started to Dislike that little idiot. the raider game, the freaking raiders are putting a historic loss on us At Home. and that little a-hole is dancing in the endzone. Worst bronco loss in history At Home at the idiot dances in the endzone.
So your basis for disliking Moreno was him celebrating a touchdown in a game where almost every other Bronco flat out stopped trying.

Makes a ton of sense there. Historic beat down and the one guy who's still fighting pisses you off with some dancing while the 40+ guys who flat out rolled over the entire second half apparently didn't offend you in the least.
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