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Originally Posted by orangeatheist View Post
I went back and checked his YT page. Here's his predictions as I found them:

Wk 1: Steelers
Wk 2: Falcons
Wk 3: None Posted
Wk 4: Broncos
Wk 5: None Posted
Wk 6: Broncos
Wk 7: None Posted
Wk 8: Saints
Wk 9: Broncos
Wk 10: None Posted
Wk 11: None Posted
Wk 12: Broncos
Wk 13: Bucs

So, he's picked Denver 4 times. The opposition 4 times. And made no prediction 4 times (with one Bye). Seems to me he's not analyzing anything, just playing the law of averages!
fair enough, guess I am wrong.
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