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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by jutang View Post
I appreciate the technical explanations of certain defensive strategies in your clips, but they feel generic in that your could be talking on how to defend any offensive pass play from any team.
Yeah this is the problem. On the board it looks good, but it's in a vaccum. He doesn't even mention the player's by name. Like does he really think Roy Miller covering Jacob Tamme is "fine" coverage? And Denver will run the ball too. You can't just zone blitz every single play. Does he really think whoever they schlep out there to play man coverage on Either DT or Decker is going to be able to solo up all game without "any safety help" and not think Manning is going to destroy him? It's not like they have Revis playing for them.

Then there's the fact that the teams don't play that way. The Buccs are a system defense. That don't do a lot of blitzing or a lot of disguise. It's odd to say "here's why they will win. They will do something they never do."

This guy needs to get specific about what he wants to do with these videos. He could call it "If I was coaching this team" or "if they had different players they could do this." Not speaking about a game plan in the abstract with the assumption that all the players are of the same ability. Or just do prediction video and base it off what they actually do and the actual match ups.
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