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Originally Posted by Orange4Life View Post
No black at all last week, more orange than black. I went to the game at mullethead. The chick sitting next to me said the chiefs are bringing the hammer down on any disgruntled fans. They were removing people from the stadium with anti Pioli signs.

chiefs radio after the game and Monday was comical. My favorite was that they were killing romeo for saying they kept the game close and he was happy about that. They went on to say if you listen to Broncos fans they are pissed they only won by 8

The chiefs fans were very cool. Too cool, I didn't get any **** at all about the Broncos. They were too pissed at their own team to even hate the Broncos right now.
Id been pissed. If i got kicked from a game for voicing it, i wouldn't go back. Guarantee

Everyone is right though we don't care. Why he thinks we care is a mystery.
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