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I'll throw Fear Lanier a bone. Parity is so close in the NFL that it's not totally unreasonable to suggest the Chiefs are a good QB and coach away from being a good team.

That said, those are the two hardest things to find in that order. Do you know how many teams without a good QB are a good QB away from being good? Answer: about 25.

Also I think you're discounting the fact that Denver didn't play their best game in a place we never play well, and the Chiefs absolutely did and they still lost by more than a touchdown. You're two missed field goals from us totally boning you guys.

So please do draft a gimicky coach, let Crennel go, which will set your defense back, and draft Geno "I can only make one read" Smith. Let me know how that works out.
QB's are a tricky thing. Nobody thought Andy Dalton, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton or Drew Brees would be as good as they are now. They've all surprised.

My preference is Tyler Wilson, though I do like Geno quite a bit. Taking a chance is all I ask.
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