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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I disagree. The Raiders are cleaning house at great expense. Mackenzie is a good GM. Raiders will be good in a couple of seasons. The son is still an unknown.

Since Reggie McKenzie took over he has released 27 players from the previous regime.
Son I'd not an unknown he has been involved in the running of the team for awhile.
He did not just start when the biggest problem died. You have to know that jr learned it all from his dad since he was not to the best of my knowledge on another teams. Only worked for the raiders.

The biggest indicator was a few weeks ago him going public (media) saying that this team was unacceptable. Which we all know it is not. But it is something that you keep in house. PERIOD. If you look back at the history of the NFL few if any owners speak to the press good or bad. They allow the FO to be the mouthpiece.

Him and the owner of the titans where pissed off about the same time.

While I like Allen I'd do not think he was ready. But since they are the raiders top notch HC or coordinators will not go there because of the interference from the owners box.

Gruden was the last one and he managed to get himself traded to a franchise that wanted experts running the team and not yes men for the owner.
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