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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
Just how bad are things for the Jets right now.....Well, bad enough that NY Daily News sports writer Filip Bondy has apparently given up writing about them and is so desperate for content he submits detailed fantasies of the the Jets having lured Peyton Manning this past off season.

That's pretty sad.
Every team that expressed interest in acquiring Manning has to be looking at the Broncos' huge offensive improvement and thinking "What if..."

The situation the Jest are in was entirely predictable... most of us saw it coming months ago. Even though Tebow isn't a good enough QB to win the starting job outright, his presence on the bench behind an "almost-certain-to-struggle" starter was always going to result in a QB controversy and chaos for the team, its management and its fans.

The article pretty much validated Elway's judgment and hints at a wish that he'd been the one making the decisions for the Jest.
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