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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
Speaking of Poe. Not too shabby considering he's playing in a 2 gap dinosaur defense.

Your Herculian efforts at extreme rationalized projection in the service of trying to paint a rosy silver-lining out of a hopeless situation and season is somewhat admirable to be sure. You are obviously a good and loyal fan, so no knocks there.

But what you apparently overlook in all the 'shoulda's, coulda's, what if's' focus on the minutia of this play gone bad or that one ... is the overriding and fundamental fact that KC is a cursed city and cursed franchise. Period!

KC is where good players go to have the last bit of life blood and enthusiasm for football drained out of them ... it must be something in the atmosphere or perhaps an as yet unidentified strain of a locally limited viral contagion .. maybe its the 'Barbeque/Camaro' strain of Lime Disease ... that centers around Arrowhead?

Not sure which it is, but for year after year after decade upon decade, and regardless of how many top 5 draft picks you guys get in a row .. alas, there is this obvious character, energy, moxie deficit .. even the dearth of just a little good luck that every successful franchise needs from time to time ... ranging from the ownership all the way down to the water boys that seems to infect this team year after year.

Even those years when you have been very competitive and with a decent team and coach, you haven't been able to make it past one playoff game in .. how long has it been?!?

I can only imagine how frustrating that is, particularly for a city where the sole and only redeeming quality would have been a decent football team! And its certainly not for lack of loyal determined fans.

Perhaps the real cure is to start by blowing up Arrowhead and your current team facility, get some Indian shamans out there to spread salt over the grounds where each now lay and do their little exorcism dance and start over from totally new Ownership on down...

Definitely, there are some good players on the Chiefs left to build around, but only if it can be proven they have not been irreparably infected with terminal KC-itis!

This is the big picture that will continue to undermine and frustrate your more myopic focus on such minutia as in: "if only Brady Quinn had seen a wide open Jon Baldwin " .. etc etc etc.

Best of luck to you guys going forward. Hopefully some real excitement will some day descend on KC too. All those prospects seemed to leave with Hank Stram .. aside from a shining glimpse, once again, long ago when Derek Thomas' presence blessed your town all too briefly.

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