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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
"False," that's it, that's all?

Drunken's point is my point, and now several guys in here are echoing the same question, specifically: What practical, functional advantages do Apps give you that browsers don't? I can't think of any, but I do know the Facebook app sucks because your movement around the site seems restricted ... the app narrows your options and funnels you around. Another app - I think Bank of America - it seems I'm always landing in the middle of ads.

Crush said maybe the app transfers less data than a browser, thus saves you money/minutes. That's a good advantage right there, so if that's the big advantage, fine, say so. But if there's something more, somebody should explain it please.
Facebook is a huge site where you can do about a billion different actions, so yes, they scale it down to the most commonly used functionality on a smaller mobile setting, and then optimize for that setting so that its easier to use and a better experience. The Mane has about 6 things you can do, that anyone here really takes advantage of. All an app would do is make that stuff look better and function more quickly with a better mobile view and experience. It would be quicker, potentially allow for offline content reading, allow you to actually type into rep, as mentioned, could be integrated with the podcasts to make those easier to access and listen to, and would just be an overall more enjoyable experience than trying to log on to the site, hoping that there are no hacker delays, and constantly zooming in and out from page to page to be able to get through the content. And if there were something that an small group of people wanted and wasn't there, they could all still access it from their browsers.

All this said, I'm totally on board with TJ waiting until the next release. Makes total sense, but to act like trying to navigate a site on your phone is somehow as good an experience as a site customized for it is crazy talk.

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