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Moreno has only had two one-hundred yard games in 2.5+ seasons of starting games. Both were against Kansas City. You're right, he has had other good games, but when it comes to running the football the KC games are the only ones I can think of where he looked like a running back taken at #12.

Wow, cool stats. Let's start with this one. Well, I'd hate to point out the obvious difference here, but well, here we go: McGahee was over 30 when he got to Denver. And, you arguing via statistics, naturally limited the years there so as to avoid showing Moreno's lost season. Regardless, you know exactly what I meant: Moreno took himself out of games. This is arguably the biggest reason he couldn't cut it and why he got demoted. He would get the rock, two-three times, limp off the field for a couple plays, and then come back on. Also, these stats are completely wrong.

No it ain't. Do not even begin to pretend that Moreno is anywhere near McGahee's level. This kind of blind apologism is ridiculous. Knowshon Moreno was benched and replaced by the youngest player in the entire NFL for a reason, and you wanna act like these two players are even close in production, talent, and everything else? Seriously? McGahee is a workhorse back who gets a lot of touches. Moreno's a scatback who takes five whenever he can. Huge difference.

If stats were everything Moreno would not have been benched (not just this year, but the past years, too). So cling to those stats all you want, but they don't represent reality. The coaches, and really anybody who actually watched the games, saw what was on the field and judged accordingly.
Please stop.

I understand your point of view, and it has merit, but the way you are presenting it is not productive. You seem to try to exaggerate to make a point, and that style of debate has never come off as mature, nor does it ever covert anyone to your viewpoint. Which is what the whole point of debating is, right?
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