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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
This isn't a question of who would you rather have....we have them both. The point I am trying to get across is that Moreno can be/and by most measures has been productive. It is fine to prefer one to another, but it is simply disingenuous to say one sucks and the other doesn't, because the numbers just don't reflect that.

I have been a vocal supporter of Moreno, but you can see that I am also in support of drafting another horse....and he is a bigger back.
I doubt you will ever find a post of mine that says Moreno sucks. Overall I think he is a good RB, I just like bigger guys to handle the load. Every time we have had one Ma,MB and now WM. he have the ability to score inside the five. Have the ability to get a 3rd and short.

As for right now having both. Thru this year yes but km large cap number tells me he will not be here next year unless he kills it the next 6 games.
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