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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Not anymore, Al died.

I do think Allen will be given a couple years, his team hasn't been terrible, he could have come out and been worse than Romeo but he has done better with less talent.

I do think not having a young QB will hurt him. They are going to need to replace Palmer ASAP and won't be able to draft anything that will be better than him this year, they will have to hit bottom next year or find a better Vet.

I figure Allen will be lucky to finish at or near .400 after about 4 years and the Raiders will be forced to make a change but he will go on to better success at his next HC gig.
See post above it was widely reported on NFLN IIRC. His son is now in charge and publicly made the statements.

Something that is the kiss of death worse than giving a vote of confidence.

There is something wrong in the owners box.
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