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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Why do people think the NFL is better when teams like the raiders are relavant?

I want to see those losers in their costumes leave dejectedly in the 3rd quarter just like the kFc fans do. It is fun dominating the division and getting everything right while 2 teams are going to be shopping for HC's and at least one for a new GM, meanwhile the raiders keep trying to rebuild. I don't think Allen has the tools or experience to turn it around. I think he will one day be a very good coach, just not anytime soon.

All I care about is that the Broncos are winning games and have a legit shot at a SB.
The key in OAK is they have to take second or third tier talent for coaches becaus of the interference form the owners box. No self respecting qualified coach would take the grief.
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