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Julius "Fluff"

Originally Posted by baja View Post
Sure would like to know the real story on this guy.
I don't know. Maybe he was a case of so much good talent around him at Alabama and now he is being exposed. Maybe it is because he was on the Raiders and they ruin players. All I know is that everything I have seen the fans of the guy say makes me think that if we played the Pats and they went no huddle to keep him on the field it would be like Joe Mays all over again. Nothing I read about him let me to believe this is a surprise move at all to the Raiders fans.
This was 24 days ago. I kind of started to notice how much the Raiders fans wanted McClain off the roster around that time.

As I said before if JDR and Fox think he is worth the chance then do it. I think we have players we can cut and give the roster spot too as well.
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