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Originally Posted by ludo21 View Post
i use my ipod every so often or phone. but as has been said its not optimal so i definitely think the mobile version would improve that.

@Chris.... App's make things much easier and smoother for different sites or programs, you need to get with it
The idea of having a separate app for every single site, forum, porn site, philippino dwarf tossing community I visit is flat out painful to me. I understand if you to do things other than a reformatting of a website like reading barcodes to price compare or playing games or tagging songs but for sites turned into apps I really don't understand the consumer benefit. It's just flat out slower to scroll to an app than it is to type in the first three letters of a web address I already have saved. I then have to find the app for the next site I want to visit. From the site's perspective, it locks people in and builds loyalty so that's great for them.

ios is app driven because apple sells the hardware at break even and makes money from their app cut but 95% of those apps are completely pointless. Android is more browser driven because that's how they make their money. Windows phone 8 is a marriage of the two. I use the email, weather, mapping and song tagging apps on my iphone. Beyond that I can't bring myself to like something I find slower to access.
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