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Originally Posted by brantleymassey View Post
Are you insane. Joe Mays is the worst line backer in the nfl. He misses tackles, can't cover, he can't even rush the passer. You notice how much better the d is playing without him. Brooking is older and may not have the skill set as other lbs but he keeps the d alinged correctly. Mays could not run the more complicated defenses. Mcclain is more talented than both. He is faster, taller, longer and does not miss tackles. He is pretty good in coverage (14 deflections last year) mays (0). He can run complicated defenses. It is hard to run anything at oakland. come on guys it is the raiders. Dennis Allen was an ok d coordinator but Mcclain could florish under Del Rio. Plus there is no risk. He will not cost a lot, he could be released at the end of the year or he could be a great line backer with players and coaches around him. I like Brooking but what happens if he gets hurt.
Trouble is there will be a lot of teams looking at it this way.

Maybe we should just trade for him and ask him to restructure next year.

The idea of getting him intrigues me.
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