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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
Games missed due to injury in the first 2 years as Broncos:
Moreno: 3
Mcgahee: 7

TD per touch ratio:
Moreno: TD every 30.2 touches
Mcgahee: TD every 60.5 touches

As pass catchers only:
Moreno: a TD per 13.5 catches
McGahee: a TD per 40.4 catches

I like Willis, and he is a tough runner, but there are no numbers to back up him being "Vastly superior" when it comes to production for the broncos. All it is is bias.
As tough as I was on Moreno's running, I WAS impressed with his pass catching ability. More than likely, he found himself in open space. I have nothing but praise, for that aspect of Moreno's game...
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